Juliet and Ryan

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If I could pick one word for the wedding ring workshop I would say “fun” – it’s worth it just for the learning and hands on experience alone. The beautiful, unique rings that are made to fit perfectly are simply a bonus! We started off learning about metals and practicing some basic skills . Then after a delicious lunch and a relaxing short walk, we completed our rings from start to finish. Sondi’s workshop space is beautiful, well organised and has an array of interesting specialised tools. There were unlimited options in the style and finish of the rings and we had complete control over the design.  Sondi being such an experienced jeweller meant that we could trust her to do any technical problem solving while we just enjoyed the process. We are very grateful that Sondi so generously opened her stunning home and studio for us. Now having made our own wedding rings in such a special setting I can’t imagine doing it any other way. – Juliet & Ryan

Dan and Verity

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Making our wedding rings with Sondi was an incredible experience. It was such a great journey, and with her guidance we were able to design and make our dream rings. Still can’t believe we actually created them! It felt like such a special thing to do together, like an intimate step, part of our marriage process. Thanks Sondi! – Dan & Verity

Gus & Allison

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While aesthetics are obviously important in a piece of jewellery that you intend to wear for the rest of your life, the symbolism attached to a wedding ring is even more important, and nothing expresses that symbolism better than a couple making each other’s wedding rings. The workshop was more like a journey. All we knew was where we were starting from, but our destination wasn’t clear. No definite designs in mind and no previous experience; what have we got ourselves into? Sondi guided us on this journey, and made sure that we overcame any obstacles. Sometimes she simply told us what we needed to know; at other times she performed tasks which required a level of expertise that was well above what two novices can do in one day. It is very difficult to express the range of emotions we both felt during the workshop, but even at times when we felt frustrated at our own lack of experience, Sondi was there to make sure that we completed the task. The end result is a very happy couple with wedding rings we both love and an unforgettable experience to cherish. – Gus & Allisos

Sarah & William

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When we first looked into designing and making our own commitment rings, we found Sondi’s work online and paid her at visit at her picturesque studio – we knew instantly we had found the artisan for us and booked a wedding ring workshop some weeks later. Sondi guided us in creating rings beyond what we thought possible; when she said we could do anything, she really meant it! We’ve ended up with a pair of very special and meaningful rings, and we’ll always remember the spectacular weekend we had creating them. – Sarah and William

Tamara and Nathan

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Most couples want the ring that bind them to be awe inspiring. And therein lies the foundation of a forging by fire in Sondi’s hide away studio.

You cut and beat and hammer and burn. Torching the metal is very important — that’s the forging you undergo. Its primal and ancient and as the rings start glowing, it’s rather dramatic and startling as your creation takes shape under Sondi’s careful guidance.

It makes such a difference to put your muse and sweat into the ring that your mate will wear their whole life.  Forging something by hand is profusely more intimate than unfolding your wallet. Even If like me, you  acknowledge that you aren’t particularly adept at crafting, the hours spent at the bench under Sondi’s patient rubric will not be the disaster you fear.

It takes the simple pecuniary anxiety out of getting rings for your mate, its impulsive, heartfelt and sombre all at once. Its touching and undeniably romantic.

For allegorical rings that encapsulate the twining of your lives, this is the quintessence. – Ring


Megan and Jarrah

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My husband and I had a fabulous time a year ago making wedding rings.  Shortly after our wedding he lost his handmade ring and was devastated.  For our anniversary we returned to Sondi’s studio my husband made a replacement  wedding ring and I designed a replacement ring to hold my engagement ring’s stone.  We were afraid that it would be impossible to replace the one we had made together before our wedding, but it was so fun and relaxed working with Sondi that it was really easy to just experiment with the tools.The designs were an expression of the amazing day we had. – Megan and Jarrah

Daniel and Lorretta

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Creating rings with Sondi was a wonderful experience. 
We concentrated diligently like wide eyed students in 
this quirky studio . Guided by Sondi, we hand crafted
rings that were organic and full of subtle and 
hidden meanings. - Daniel and Lorretta

Tully & Keyna

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We had the most delightful day with Sondi. Coming in without a clear idea of what we wanted she expertly guided us through the process toward our unique rings. We were unskilled and very particular, yet by the end of the day we were over the moon. Our jewellery is as unique as Sondi herself.” –  Tully & Keyna

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