Custom Work

by Sondi

Sondi is a contemporary jeweller who specialises in mokumĂ© gane, a traditional Japanese technique combining up to 24 different layers in ‘woodgrain metal’. Her distinctive style reflects a passionate approach to life and practice. She creates commissioned and limited edition pieces that have a disciplined continuity of design and use of materials that relate to an instantly recognisable style and character.
Part of my responsibility as your custom jeweler is to offer guidance about design, size, weight, stones and metals so the piece is not only comfortable to wear, but one that receives compliments and an heirloom you want to pass on.
Send me your idea and I can send you an obligation free quote.

Pictured Ring Info

The ring on the left is a sterling silver Mourning ring. Hollow construction containing ashes of a loved one. The snake is a common Victorian symbol for mourning. The one on the right is sterling silver and 24 ct gold oxidised constructed hollow form.